The first steps to greatness

The heros of this story start there adventurer to the path of greatness in the sleepy fox tavern within the frost district of Neverwinter the walled fortress. The frost is a ghetto, a shanty town, the poorest part of the city. Wall Maria sits 100 feet tall at their back and the outer wall of the bailey 100 feet tall sits in front.
The sleepy fox is a dim lit bar with a large fire place shaped like a screaming mouth. The tavern wench brings mead for the thirsty patrons to and fro. As the evening continues the heros gamble , drink and womanize.
Gherkin gets thrown out of the sleepy fox for falling from the bar onto the chief, but he manages to steal her kitchen knife. Oak crawls on all fours looking for coins and Agrok harasses the local whore who smiles a toothless grin.
While crawling on all fours Oak is approached by a heavily armored dwarf wearing a beautiful set of Stonefist brothers plate . He offers her and her companions 100 silver stallions each to bring a wagon load of provisions to the south east section of the wall.

The plate wearing dwarf introduces him self after some pestering as Gundren rockseeker is willing to pay half now half on delivery as long as the heros ask no questions and keeps this quest secret. After consulting with the other 2 adventures they group decide to take the quest which will shape the fate of Neverwinter and the heros themselves.

After spending the night sleeping in the wagon they awake with noises and shaking from the underside of there carriage. Naked as the day he was born Agrok jumps out to see what is going on. He spots an oddly dressed gnome tinkering with one of the wheels of the wagon. The hammer smith grabs the gnome by the leg and flips him upside down. Coins fall from his pockets. Then the rest of his belongs bar his magician tools. The gnome has grease covered hands and claims that “good grease is hard to find” he then slaps the blacksmiths man hood which in turn brings both of them crashing to the ground. The street performer uses his skill set to back flip from the ground to his feet.

Gherkin the town cryer awoke grumpy and demanded they catch who ever distributed his much needed rest. The street performer hearing this, hand springs out of the grasp of the towering naked man Agrok Hammerpound. After seeing the skill of this well trained thief they quickly have the realization that he would be a huge asset to the quest and to the adventuring party and they offer him 500 copper crumbs to join, Which he takes and admits he would of joined for free. He feels the same as the other heros and wants more then “district frost”.

The newly formed adventuring party drop by the market and spend some of the silver on new weapons and a few items. As it gets to midday they start their journey through frost, peasants look untrusting towards them. Ox pull the kart with Gherkin driving them, Agrok walking beside, the gnome known only as gobbalin lays on top & oak the lumberjack sits comfortably inside , the wagon of provisions carries 3 locked chests..

Ahead on the road 2 horses lay dead the heros recognized one to be Gundrens Rockseekers poker-dot horse, Riddled with arrows.
The kart slowly moves forward and an arrow flys out of the brush and hits the driver, Gherkin in the shoulder dropping him instantly.
Agrok looks nervously as an arrow hits him in the chest, His battle cry is loud and long but still 2 of the ambushes with blades drawn charge him and through the swirl of steal the blacksmith drops to the ground unconscious.
Oak hears what is going on outside and prepares her ax to attack the first person she sees from the back of the wagon. The Gnome on top of the canvass cover rolls off and takes cover behind a building and moves unseen. As the ambush unfolds its obvious this is the rouges of ram who are well known criminals trying to take control of Frost.

The 2 sworded ambusher looks in the back of the wagon as Oak swings her ax. The shard edge smashes into roof of the wagon, stuck, rendering her helpless.
The gnome trickster stables the dyeing Town crier Gherkin all that’s heard from Agrok is him gurgling on his own blood.
The 2 sworded ambusher attacks oak who sits helpless in the back of the wagon, her weapons get stuck into the back of the wooden kart, leaving 2 females steering into each others eyes then oaks axe comes down clean on the rogues head splitting it in half like a ripe watermelon.

Agroks lungs start to fill with blood as the gnome keeps the pressure on Gherkins wound. The 2nd sword holding rogue of ram looks into the back of the wagon, catching another of Oaks ruthless attacks and is instantly killed. The lumberjack gets out of the wagon to help the dieing Agrok and she gets hit with 2 arrows and falls to the ground.

The street proformer rolls under the wagon and tries to help Agrok but it looks to be already to late, then the hammersmith takes a breath of air and has a 2nd wind rolling under the wagon. One of the ambushers see the blacksmiths movements and his 2 dead ram companions he makes a decision to go tell the rest of the clan of a ambush gone wrong.

Gherkin draws closer to death and Oak is only minutes away from her final glimpse of the world.

Agrok firing a arrow from his newly acquired shortbow hits the remaining rogue of ram, The rogue drops to one knee bleeding heavily, The criminal rogue decides that it’s a lost cause and follows his clan mate up the path leaving a trail of blood.

Agrok and the gnome stabilize there 2 dieing companions and drag them into a near by house where a gypsy mystic lives. She provides first aid and teaches them a few things, Gherkin after the battle heads outside to park the wagon safely behind the house in a barn, loot the bodies, move the horses from the road not before feeding on the raw flesh of Rockseekers loved mount. An empty map case is found laying next to the horses, all before they full asleep.

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